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Excursiones y senderismo.

Paseos literarios y culturales. Visita a exposiciones.

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Salidas nocturnas. Comidas de hermandad.

Partidos de fútbol.

HE-2 offers to their students an important variety of external and internal activities in order to extend the knowledge of the student about the spanish culture, history and customs.

Personnel of the school guide the students in all the activities.

De visita en Toledo, ciudad imperial.

External activities

In the city of Madrid

  • Visits to many museums: El Prado, Reina Sofía, Sorolla, Thyssen Bornemiza, Anthropological, Sciences, Army, Navy, Bullfighting...
  • Participation in popular celebrations: San Isidro, La Paloma, Carnival...
  • Strolls by the different historical districts of the city: Austrias, Borbones, Salamanca...
  • Night outs, in order to mix the student with the most pures atmospheres and to know the true spanish leisure.
  • Walk around the most representative parks of the city: El Retiro, El Capricho, Juan Carlos I, Oeste...
  • Visits to soccer stadiums: Santiago Bernabeu and Vicente Calderón.
  • Visits to exhibitions and historical monuments.

Out of Madrid

  • Half day excursions to towns next to Madrid: Alcalá de Henares, El Escorial, Buitrago, Mountains of Madrid...
  • Trips during the weekend (1 or 2 days) to other cities not so near from Madrid: Toledo, Segovia, Salamanca, Ávila, Cuenca, León, Zamora, Burgos...
  • Participation in celebrations in the countryside ("Romerías"), specially in summer, when these events are most typical.
  • Organization of trips to celebrations of national scope: "La Tomatina" in Buñol, "Los Sanfermines" in Pamplona, "La Feria del Ajo" in Zamora....
En una taberna típica

Internal activities

We organized in the school different activities in order to enhance the relations between the students and doing possible to extend the friendship out of the school.

  • Projection of Spanish films.
  • Reading of the press and debates.
  • Juegos: Ajedrez, Checkers, Ludo, Dices, Cards...
  • "Picoteo de convivencia".
  • Conferences about different subjects: current affairs, history, art, gastronomy...
  • Exhibition of art slides, in order to understand better the work of our more universal artists: Goya, Velázquez, Picasso, Dalí, El Greco...

General conditions

  • The different activities will be programmed weekly and will be announced to all the students in the bulletin board of the school.
  • The changes that can occur in excursions to dependent sites of the National Patrimony are not responsibility of the school.
  • The school reserves itself the option of canceling any activity if the number of participants is not sufficient.
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