Lodging Hispania Estudio-2

En familias españolas.

Apartamentos compartidos.

Zonas céntricas.

Bien comunicadas con la escuela.

Gran selección de familias.

HE-2 has Spanish families that can lodge our students. Their houses are situated in the center of Madrid, in well communicated and very centric zones. All of them are very next to the school, and because of this the students can come to class without taking a transport.

The families welcome the student as if a member of the family he was, but don't forget you that each country are different customs, schedules, meals...

Living with a spanish family will help you to improve your level of language in all the aspects.

Lodging typeRoom 1
IndividualDouble 2
Bed and breakfast140 €123 €
Half board205 €180 €

1 Fees per week. Lodging in Spanish families.
2 Only if there are two students to share the room.

You should be aware of some issues that will help to improve coexistence:

  • There are two types of accommodation:
    1. Bed + breakfast.
    2. Half board (room + breakfast + lunch or dinner).
  • It may be in single or double room.
  • You are entitled to weekly laundry. If you want to wash some clothes you talking to the family.
  • No catering.
  • You can enter the house the day before the start of the course.
  • In any case you can live in the family when you have completed the course Spanish.
  • If you follow a special diet, you should notify the school to inform the family.
  • You can not use the fixed home phone.
  • Tip family when you have a trip (in this case will prepare something for you to take).
  • You must respect the meal times established by the family.
  • To receive friends, you should ask the family before.
  • You must arrange your room and respect the things of others.
  • You are entitled to a daily shower. Do not forget that in Spain we have drought problems, so we recommend that your shower brief. You should not swim.
  • Turn off lights when you leave a stay in the house or when you go to sleep.
  • In the family will allow you to keep some food in the refrigerator (if desired) as fruit, yogurt, meats, cheese, etc.
  • The day of your departure, you must leave the room before 12:00 am.
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